Here is the right way to use a kitchen knife (video)

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As long as I can cut up my food and not leave any blood, I consider that good enough.


So you’re saying that the best sharpening method is the issue we must address first? :wink:


My wife is no longer allowed to use a mandoline for this very reason.


Yeah, those are no joke. I finally got a mandoline after years of wanting/fearing them. I’ve had stitches 3 times on fingers previously (not related to mandolines) and did not want another ER visit from this meal prep tool. I wear a glove and use a guard when cutting with it. No sliced off finger tips yet.


Yup. Ditto cheese grater. I took a good chunk out of my finger when I slipped.

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Somehow I’ve managed to never cut myself while I was actually cutting food. Or at least nothing that required more than a minute’s attention and a band-aid.

As for retrieving, cleaning, and putting away knives and other cutting implements… that’s a very different story. After one “incident in the kitchen,” I thought about getting a chainmail glove, but I’d need to wear it from prep to clean-up. Nah, I’ll be careful this time.

Same here. I asked for a mandoline for xmas one year, and the very first time I used it, I sliced off part of a knuckle. I’d wager many Happy Mutants have similar stories.

It’s amazing how much that bleeds, btw.

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Jamie Oliver specifically addresses the chef’s knife in these.

“A falling knife has no handle.”


My dad knew this well. Thanksgiving 1968, and the carving knife got a bit slippery and got away from him.

And, it was an electric… Fortunately there was a guest who was a nurse, and an ER only 5 minutes away.

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Have never cut myself on a mandoline or cheese grater (aside from a small scuff on the later), but i did seriously slice my knuckle after slipping off the guard on an electric deli slicer once. I nearly passed out from blood loss and a couple members of the wait staff may have been a bit traumatized. All that said, my knife skills are now sufficient to have kept me from all but the very occasional bandaid in the last couple of decades.
Knife skills and a sharp knife are well worth obtaining/ maintaining!

I bet everyone has some war stories about self-inflicted wounds. Once when I was a boy I tried to seal a cut with balsa wood cement because I couldn’t find a sticking plaster. It stung like hell!

Superglue would have done it only I would probably would have glued my hands together so maybe it was a good mistake.

I took a sliver of finger off when running a scalpel along a steel rule.
Didn’t notice any pain, but it made a hell of a mess.

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