Victorinox Cook's Knives are wickedly sharp

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A knife/knife sharpening thread you say?

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Uh-oh. :pleading_face:




Lol at that other Jamie Oliver, and calling honing sharpening :stuck_out_tongue: Well trolled.


These relatively inexpensive Victorinox knives are the “best”. The cost to utility ratio on them is unmatched and that’s probably why you see so many restaurants and cooks using them. We used them when I was at the CIA. They don’t have fancy handles, nor do they use super fancy “dappled steel” in the blades, but they are strong, light, they sharpen and hone really well and they won’t break the bank. Especially useful if you have spouses, children or roommates that are prone to destroy your $250 blade. You’ll still be pissed if your $65 Victorinox was used to open a can, but you’ll get over it before anyone has to die.


their paring knife is also excellent. inexpensive, sharp and light.

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I so enjoy /s the moment a guest wants to help in the kitchen, grabs the good knife, and immediately does something dumb with it. Then I have the awkward conversation about how I’m really not a controlling asshole but just very partial to my knife (and not mentioning how much nice ones cost).


I like mine. Good utility, acceptable cost, undemanding maintenance.

I’ll quibble over honing the thing – that’s the maintenance you do after you grind and polish a good edge on it. With that, it takes and holds its edge adequately.

Warning! Don’t let partner/kids/guests put it (or any other knife you care about) through the dishwasher. The handle softens, may deform and slide off.

I have a huge smile for our shared misery. :wink:

Thanks for the hearty laugh.


The only guest I’ll let into my kitchen to use cutting implements (or really anything other than the kettle) is a culinary school graduate that worked as a chef in a couple of restaurants. He has very good sharp object discipline and knows how to both sharpen and hone a kitchen blade.
Of course my wife gets to do whatever she wants in the kitchen but won’t even touch my favorite knife, a Global G-4B Santoku.



Yep, this is why I use these. They’re just at that sweet spot where you get a big bump in quality for a small bump in price.

If anyone wants to look up the full range, Victorinox brands the range as Fibrox


Strange, I’ve not had that problem with mine. However, I don’t have the dishwasher running the “sanitize” cycle on a regular basis, just the normal wash cycle with heated dry.

(and before anyone screams at me about putting the knives in the dishwasher- I tend to take better care of the things than the actual user, who tends to leave all manner of crud on the things even after I’ve asked them to wash them after using them multiple times, but there comes a point where I just stop caring about it, because my actual good knives reside elsewhere, and come out when I’m doing stuff, and get cleaned, dried, and put away afterwards.)

Indeed- I watched the “1 minute” guide and had a bit of a freakout as he flipped the pointy end of the blade down the honing steel. (I was trained to do it with the sharp side pointing away from you…)

::reminds self to dig out the sharpmaker and try and get the ding out of the santoku blade::

And they have a model for stabbing coworkers in the back.

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When guests ask what they can do to help me in the kitchen I tell them to sit on the couch and don’t get in the way.

The 10 inch chef/cooks knife (With fibrox handle) has replaced my 8" Global knife (goodbye finger callous!), and was 1/5 the price. Cooks Illustrated called these out as a best-buy years ago and they were not wrong!

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