Fantastic $7 Victorinox paring knife


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they make some outstanding blades that hold their edges well


Can confirm this is a great paring knife.


You put cooking knives in your dishwasher??? :flushed:


You call that a knife,


this is a knife.

No but, that little V. is fine.
I would recommend it for a restaurant that wants to supply a few knives for general use.

And for bartenders to cut limes.


Mercers, WINCOs, Victorinoxes are all decent, durable knives for the money. Is the point to look pretty or to make pretty food?


Cue “why not both” meme…

I live near Solingen. Good knives are very easy to get there. Most manufacturers have their own stores/outlets, and I don’t mind buying the “B” stuff. As long as the blade is okay it doesn’t matter whether the handle is off colour or is scratched a bit or whatever.

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i hope this thread turns into the shitstorm that that damascus steel one did


Try their steak knives (aka tomato knives).


unlike my other paring knives it is not lost

I recently found a knife in the garden compost bin that I hadn’t seen for years.
A quick scrub and a sharpen and it’s back in the drawer, good as new.


That’s a Shun. Scary sharp.


Victorinox makes some of the best knifes that can go head to head with expensive knives. I find them a a truly good value. They got the metal right. Excellent edge retention. Get cut resistant gloves.


Victorinox paring knives are also one of the favorites for disposable (aka. denyable) self defense knives.


Since when has a knife thread not done that?


I’m a fan of Ikea paring knives. Below is a decent current one for $5, but we lost a similar one that felt amazing in your hand, one of the best ergonomic designs I’ve ever seen. Notice how wide and round the bolster is (base of the blade), I’ve gotten blisters from narrow sharp ones in extended use.


While out for a run with my teenager a couple of years ago we came across a knife in the middle of a street we were crossing. Looked just like this one, just a little dinged up. We decided to take it home and add it to the collection and we still use it today. It was great fun bringing it home, taking turns pretending we were chasing each other with a knife.



Yup!!! So good. Very satisfying to watch that.


the Victorinox citrus peeler was the only one worth a damn in the drawer at work. I guess that could mean all the others sucked particularly bad, but the V was pretty nice, I thought.


Disclaimer: it only works that way if the cat is watching.