Here’s how the 1980s got its colorful look


I found a few more. I closed the original tab but I think it said they’re a 1989 model. white saddle, bar tape, and cable housings! (purple one has an aftermarket saddle)


Mine was the second one from the bottom.

Don’t judge me.


So “the 80s; because brutalists couldn’t figure out how to make clothes out of reinforced concrete”?


the 80s in one picture:


Wow, the rendering and perspective are just awful; I concur that IS quintessential 80’s right there…


I think that one is the most quintessentially 80s-looking of them all. Neither good nor bad. Dated, sure. But the colors theme nicely. Mine’s just plain ugly and stupid. Bright orange and purple is a bad look. It clashes. “Video Rock”? It’s bad.



We should totally have an ‘Ugly Trapper Keeper’ thread…


there’s some precedent for that. we have a Trapper Keeper nostalgia thread.


Of course, there is.

I should have known…



Home of Elvis and the ancient Greeks?


I adore that terrible movie. Coke-dealing motorcycle ninjas vs. a tae kwan do rock band!


I went to design school in the 1980s, and I always got a Memphis vibe from Pee-wee’s Playhouse.


Did you say… Memphis???


Anyway, you can’t discuss Memphis without mentioning

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