Here’s what happens when you email your teacher right after wisdom teeth surgery

Ugh. I actually have to have wisdom teeth surgery again soon. Had them out when I was 21, but one was MIA. It decided to show up last winter a full 15 years later.

Apparently this isn’t uncommon, although I’d never heard of it.


My department used to use Prang (i don’t remember if it was Hygieia), but now are using Crayola too. But even with the former i was remarkably rough on chalk. With the holder my only problem is occasionally lightly scraping the board because i used up the stick without noticing.
I should pick up higher quality chalk for myself just for the erasing issues.

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My department has been pushing using microfiber cloths for erasing. While they do an excellent job, it doesn’t feel natural to me, and I don’t know what they plan to do with the cloths when they’re all fully loaded - we don’t have a laundromat in the building.

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When I had mine out, two had erupted but the other two were growing parallel to my jaw. The jaw had to be cut and the teeth had to be extracted in parts.

It’s an automatic reflex. You put the cap back on it. Things you put the cap back on go on the ledge, not the trash.

(The number of times I’ve put paper napkins in the sink and some utensil in the trash because my timing was off is very embarrassing.)


Hagoromo full touch. You’ll dread going back.

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