Hereditary Republican Congressjerk who leads Transport Committee admits sleeping with airline lobbyist

“Absent some exchange of gifts…

The nuns taught me that my sexuality is a gift (to share only with my future wife, of course).

Are you volunteering to sleep with him?

Don’t be ridiculous. I get paid for my lobbying.


So, offering $75 and a darn good chili dog behind the trailer at the state fair is illegal solicitation, but a $400,000 prostitute is legal.


Well, I’m guessing my politics don’t quite track yours – but mostly I’d be happy with a blanket rule that prevents it on both sides.

but a $400,000 prostitute is legal.

That’s not what’s going on here. While it may be illegal to pay someone to have sex with you, as we know from the porn industry it is completely legal to pay people to have sex with each other. He didn’t pay her, the airlines did, via Airlines for America.


So, we’re all the live audience for a porn movie?


No. We’re the unwilling participants, getting fucked.

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No, it’s about the equivalent of finding out that “Edward Penishands” is a real thing.

Funny that the US was in part founded to get away from Royalty and then created it’s own system of royalty instead. Even the office of the President is when seen from the outside perspective styled like some sort of wannabe monarch. Fancy rituals, public crowning/oath ceremony, special symbols and flags, vast powers, seemingly hereditary rights (Kennedys, Bush, Clinton…), giving fiefs to supporters (e.g. William R. Timken, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, no diplomatic experience, no german language skills but supported George W. Bush with donations) etc. But he’s voted to office you might say … so was the HRE Emperor.

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(PE) Polyethylene the most common plastic.

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