Hereditary Republican Congressjerk who leads Transport Committee admits sleeping with airline lobbyist




The abbreviation for Pennsylvania is PA.


I know we have a prohibition against corruption of blood in the constitution, but I sure wouldn’t mind seeing a prohibition against the children of any federal office holding the same federal office in the same branch either on a consecutive basis or, 10 years, or better still never. Happy to do without extra Clintons, or Bushes, or DIngells, or Udalls, or Hunters, or Schusters, or Pelosis.


The abbreviation for Public Enemy is PE.


Straight Outta Scranton!


She was lobbying his johnson… [brp]


Here in Delaware we count ourselves lucky to be surrounded by New Jersey, Maryland, and especially Pennsylvania. It takes a lot to make our government look honest and competent, but when you’ve got Fumo and Larsen (PA) or Marvin Mandel (MD) or Chris Christie (NJ) for comparison, Delaware comes out looking relatively good.

My two favorite examples of PA politics are drug-addled Justice Larsen claiming Senator Fumo (with Justice Zappala on board) tried to run him over with his Benz, and Governor Casey jumping the two-year waiting list to get a new heart and lungs from the conveniently timed murder of an organ donor.


The abbreviation for Pittsburgh is PU.

Did you ever want to play questions?

The legislative benefits he’s given to the industry may not be why he’s sleeping with her, but it may be why she’s sleeping with him. Is her behavior a violation of Airlines for America policies?

That is, ol’ genetic toad-face here might be thinking, “hey, she’s really into me!” while she’s saying to herself, “what a sucker.”


“Absent some exchange of gifts or things that would otherwise be a problem under the rules…"

So they’re fine as long as they never give each other any - for example - birthday or anniversary gifts?


So, not to shoot down your idea in general, but Dingle’s wife is carrying on her husband’s progressive agenda (as much as is possible in this day) in congress, and I will vote for her again unless a viable Green runs in my district. I can, however, say with great honesty that the US needs another Bush or Clinton in the White House like we need a hole in our collective head.

@Medievalist: I gave you a like for that, but I’m utterly horrified.


Two holes for sight, two for hearing, two for sneezing, and one for smelling, tasting, breathing, drinking, and eating.

P.S. Therefore, seven planets.


No. One. From a bullet.


A blowjob is worth $40 on the street.


We can’t have any REAL relationship developing here. Family values, and all. Better to stay just fuck buddies, as God and our Founding Fathers wanted.


Oh, I think we should apply DEA math to corruption of this sort. That would give a bj a street value of $1600.


“Absent some exchange of gifts or things that would otherwise be a problem under the rules…"

Surely the exchange of genetic information counts as a gift. (“I made it myself!”)


To me, the whole things smells of corruption. However, then I imagine what if they were from my side of the aisle, and rather than representing an industry group, the woman worked as a lobbyist for organizations whose goals I approve of.

Suddenly it seems a tempest in a teacup. Given similar inclinations on whatever social issue, I could easily imagine attraction. Using slightly reworded information provided by an NGO? Not surprising, after all, the organization has done the research. Political dynasties? Well, they’re not great, but should people I like be disbarred from position based on who their parents were?

So I’m left with the fact that the vast majority of my instinctive reaction of “this is obvious (but legal) corruption” is that he’s working for the wrong side.


I don’t see the problem. He gets sex, she gets a salary, airlines get freed from the Tyrannical Avalance of Big Government Red Tape. It’s win-win-win.
Sure, consumers go back to having to parse their orders to find all the fees over and above the advertised cost, but if they didn’t want to go through all that they should’ve lobbied their government like the airlines did.


That better be some high-grade blow.