Here's a list of wonderful curiosities to visit in the desert

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I love it. There is nothing like coming across interesting things in completely unexpected places. While I was deployed in Iraq, there were a number of interesting things we flew across in the desert. One was an isolated tower of some sort and another perhaps an old French Foreign Legion fort (or so I was told) or something. I took photos with a telephoto lens, but my camera didn’t have geo-tagging, so I can’t be sure just where they were to research them more. The pilots of the C-23 transport aircraft had a number of these sites’ GPS coordinates saved, so they could find them again, but I sure wish I had them now where I could do a google maps view and try to get a better sense of what they really were!


When you’ve seen two vast and trunkless legs of stone, you’ve seen them all.


Top one looks a bit like:


Looks like invaders who broke through would have had to face defenders looking down at them from rooftops. Kill boxes.

Almost 20 years ago, I met a tour guide who led small (2-vehicle) tours into the Western Australia desert. When I told him I loved the desert, he said that in his experience people are rarely indifferent to the desert; they either love it and spend the days awestruck, or they nope out within the first couple days and ask to leave, forfeiting all fees with no hesitation. And that he’d completely given up guessing who would go which way.

I was lucky enough to ride a motorcycle across Australia and back, which included the Great Central Road to, well, the centre. It was a wonderful thing. This is a picture of a traffic jam on a side-road.



The portable toilets at this year’s burning man are quite a sight I heard

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