Here's an amazing three-year timelapse of Seattle shot from atop the Space Needle

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SimCity needs this. I think there was an old train simulator that had buildings going up floor-by-floor. It was more fun than the trains.


And that’s why, if I leave work 15 minutes late, it takes me an hour to drive the < one mile down Mercer to I-5.


I like the ghost ships.

got flown up to seattle a few times for work but never went to see this. beautiful city though, even if it was lousy with hipsters and canadians

Quinns pub makes an excellent (12 dollar) burger

And there are more construction cranes in Seattle than anywhere else in the US.

Every time I take visitors up the Space Needle I count them. Everything is under construction. It might be slowing down, though. I just read an article that said for the first time in 5 years, apartment supply is outstripping demand.

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If only there were affordable ones being built.


We miss it.

Although, I have to confess I never did make it to the Space Needle. Did ride the monorail, though, so there’s that. My primary interest in Seattle was visiting friends and going to the Woodland Park Zoo a lot so I could photograph and draw animals.

I wonder how much Tacoma has changed.

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