Here's how hand-printed books get those marble-patterned pages

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Wow. I ever would have guessed the process was this simple, yet it looks so elegant. Worldview reset.


You can use basically the same process with nail polish on water and have marbled nail polish patterns (have to use nail polish remover to clean it off you hands once you’ve dipped). My daughter used to do her nails that way and it was really cool. My wife used to do the same with nail polish, but dip glass pendants in it to make little marbled jewelry pieces to sell at craft fairs - they looked really cool. It’s a really cool and broadly applicable technique.


I remember doing something similar with Easter eggs although our efforts didn’t come out looking quite so nice.


So beautiful!

New Year’s Resolution: learn how to marble paper!

(Although the phone going in and out of focus was making me carsick.)


There’s another style of paper marbling that allows for a different set pf cool effects.

I’ve played around with it, and it’s fun!

Those interested in papercraft may want to check out:

Not saying it’s the best book on the subject, but it’s the (only) book on the subject that I have, and it’s lots of fun.

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