Here's the kind of data the UK government will have about you, in realtime

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This is an attempt to show the amount of information that will be available about you without and with a warrant if the new Investigatory Powers Bill comes into force in its current form.

Again, @doctorow, aren’t the conditional nature of statements such as this relevant? Using the title will have instead of would have casts the article in a frame of defeatism.

I’m guessing it’s deliberate hyperbole to instil somesense of urgency into people about doing something about it. I’m going to badger my mp and complain as much as possible, again, but the fat useless git will at most abstain from the vote I imagine.


That is my guess as well, but it seems to me to be misguided. If you truly want to encourage people to act, than framing the issue as an inevitability seems counter-productive. It suggests that the critics don’t make a difference, which seems to be the largest obstacle to overcome in people’s perceptions.

You can’t completely grok the meaning of the word ‘apathetic’ until you’ve seen it done by Brits under Tory rule.

I can appreciate that. What I am struggling to understand is how people “buy into” the apathy and being ruled in the first place. When I put to the average person ways that things can be done, the reactions I get usually range from apathy through dismissal, mockery, and even outright rage. Usually I expect some sort of actual debate, discussion of “then why should we do it their way, what is our goal or incentive?” I find people’s compliance with their oppression much harder to understand and to deal with.

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I think it was you who touched on this in another thread but people want to hand over responsibility for a near-impossible job to politicians so that they can complain when it inevitably doesn’t go their way without feeling like they made the mistake.

I think the overwhelming urge to feel like you’re part of the mainstream affects people in a similar way. Keep your head down, don’t make a fuss, don’t think about it too much, buy into the propaganda and you can convince yourself it’s all going according to plan.

Just enough time to godwin this thread now, but I always seem to draw ire when I decry the German people for enabling the Nazis with flagrant racism and unreasoned allegiance. It didn’t help that they were being economically oppressed but at some point large collections of individuals have to stop hiding behind the crowd and enabling psycopaths.

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