Here's the thing with ad blockers not working. I don’t have an ad blocker that I know of. I’m using Firefox.

The internet is changing, morphing. It’s doing that screwy manoeuvre we’ve been watching for.

It’s becoming bigger than me - and that’s not the point. I’m meant to be bigger than it - the boss of it.

Or maybe Weired has just gone lame.

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I just went there and I have two adblockers running in Chrome.


They have a nice link to whitelist them

But that doesn’t work. Try harder!

So I need a new It’s been pretty much dead to me since the change in office in any case.

No, I’m saying they’re not on my whitelist and I don’t have any problems getting there at all or clicking on any content.

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And this is cropping up more and more. - my refuge for business info and news - does it too.

It’s like - all of you - FO - provide an internet that I browse, and I will select things to pay for in there. If you force me into your neon lit alleyways, I will not co-operate, and I will teach - I will advocate, require, extoll - non-co-operation, and tell all internet fuckery to fuck off.

Something like that. I’m drinking that very best IPA in the UK (and that, folks, means the world), and therefore have immensely enhanced receptibubbles - scientifically proven to make me more boisterous, and clever.


Very peculiar.

Which would be…?

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I’ve never quite known how to answer that question. Tell the truth - my small brewer suffers a run, and prices go up. Tell a white lie - I help the competition, they gain investment and improve; my favourite beer goes out of production.

What’s a fella to do?

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So maybe we need a new framework - what’s you fave IPA?
Edit: [hips!]

I don’t drink a lot of IPAs, to be honest. Not the biggest fan of hops. More of a stout or porter drinker.

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Aha. Cannonball IPA, Huddersfield. Lovely.


2nd non-fan of hops tonight. It’s shapin’ up to be an interesting session!

I do like the one @LDoBe shares, since it’s brewed a mile or so from here.

As is this one (and brewed by an Englishman, to boot).


I got that message because I’m using NoScript. Ironically, the pop up is a client-side script that only works because I have whitelisted. When I turn off scripting I can read Wired’s HTML fine. Really stupid on Wired’s part. I don’t have an ad blocker! I use NoScript as 3d party scripting security hole blocker. As long as ads and scripts are served from the root domain they are whitelisted. Wired really needs to get the difference.


Cannonball? No, this is Fremont Interurban IPA. Fairly local to me.

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Isn’t that just incredible from the pre-eminent popular tech read for the last 20 or so years? Like - hello!!, massive screw-up guys!


Oops. Just seen that the beer I have imbibed this evening is 7.4% proof. About double what I was expecting. Getting to “vote Trump” levels.

Check out the “Un-human Cannonball” IPA. 11%+.

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Grrrr, I’m at least a few bottles more gregariouser and smarterer than youse!

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No such thing as % proof - per cent is per hundred, and proof is per two hundred.