No, Wired, I do not have an Ad Blocker - I have a Java Script blocker

Blocked from reading Wired:

You are white listed you morons.

The “whitelist us” site blocker is a popup script that only works because I have whitelisted!!! If I turn off the whitelisting, I can read the site fine! I’m gobsmacked. :astonished:

It’s 3d party scripting that I’m blocking, not And no HTML ads are blocked whatsoever. I’m not using an “ad blocker.” Grr.

I’m for ad supported content. I wish Wired would get that it is their 3d party security holes I’m against, not ads. And their whitelist popup that only works if wired is already white listed? Un effing believable.

(Updated: circular logic white list popup info added)


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