Redaction fail: government admits it went after Lavabit looking for Snowden


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Wired has gotten pretty annoying with their adblocker hate.


Just hit Esc after the text appears.


Why won’t the bums work for free?


They expect to be paid for the content that goes into the magazine that everyone quit subscribing to over a decade ago. I’d pay a buck a week if they’d revive Suck.


That pretty much is the larger story here, isn’t it?


Nope. Doesn’t work. It’s not a popup. It’s a new page, or a reformatted page.


FWIW, the article loads ok for me when using uBlock origin. I think I’m using the default filter set subscriptions. I’m not running Noscript in this instance.

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A couple of weeks ago, @enso posted a javascript fragment that solves that problem.


Took Wired off the whitelisted JS domains in ScriptSafe. Problem solved.

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The funny bit is, we were talking about how you can’t have unqualified people doing redaction just 10 days ago.


Worked for me, (hence the suggestion.)
Maybe I got it in before the JS had finished loading?


Has anyone tested the constitutionality of these gag orders yet? They’re clearly infringing the first amendment rights of people who have never made any commitment like getting a security clearance.


Shocked, simply shocked!


I used to read Suck. Such pioneers! "A fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun."

Staffers seem to have gone on to other interesting projects and surprising life changes in the case of one wonkette…


This works like a motherfucker. Thank you @RatMan for pointing it out and @enso for being magical.


I didn’t write it. I just found it.


Well, I’ll give you a thank you as well, anyways. Stupid thing showed up for me even after I tried shutting off adblockers. Since it’s not my job to troubleshoot my browser for them, especially after I’m already seeing their ads, an easy solution is much appreciated.


Please don’t link to The Daily Mail Wired.


Wired may be a bit misguided, but its not actively evil like the Daily Mail.

As a space buff, there’s a couple quotes that make me like Wired:

In the context of Id Software, I have been written about in a large number of magazines and newspapers, including big ones like Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, the NYT, etc. Many things are often reported incorrectly. I still remember the first time I got a call from someone fact checking an upcoming article. It was from Wired magazine, which has fact checked with me directly every time they have written about me. I have explicitly asked some magazines to do a fact check call, and got a haughty “We don’t do that”, as if I had insulted their journalistic integrity.

Some years ago, Wired asked me to write a tiny little piece – I think the limit was 250 words – on one-way Mars missions, just explaining briefly why the idea might make sense. After I sent it in, I was a bit startled when their fact checker called me up and asked for references on a couple of the numerical details I’d quoted. I don’t know whether he actually dug up the references and checked them, but he did want to know that the facts I was citing were at least somewhat verifiable. I can’t say that I’m all that enthralled with Wired in general, but this aspect impressed me.

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