Here's the trailer for Sweet Tooth, a Netflix series about a hybrid deer-boy

It a matter of personal sensibility, I would say. Like the difference between porn and erotica :wink:
Jokes apart, for me, it was more on the emotional wrench side, but there are some scenes in the comic that will be difficult to get on screen without being too graphic (IMG&IO).
Of course it depends how much the screenplay will differ from the comic.

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I was super disappointed that it was the puppy boy in the still shot…

I’m not sure on the ownership status of Sweet Tooth - After the success of the Road to Perdition film, originally a DC graphic novel that didn’t get made by Warner Bros they tightened up their contracts for creator owned/originated works regarding media rights so may be the copyright/ownership resides with DC, but the lack of the actual creator’s name in the trailer is depressingly par for the course in the comics industry.

If he’s a true hybrid, at least pone of the parents and/or one or more scientists was/were…more than a bit naughty.

It’s a good comic, but shows its age a bit.

Spoilers… (IF they keep the comics origin)

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