Sweet Tooth 6: an ending worth of the journey

I’ve been reviewing Jeff Lemire’s gorgeous, bizarre adventure comic Sweet Tooth since volume one came out in 2010 and I’ve loved each volume (two, three, four, five). But as the conclusion approached, I worried that Lemire wouldn’t be able to tie off all the threads and bring the story to a conclusion that did justice… READ THE REST

Read this coz I read your reviews here, thanks.

I would argue that Lemire doesn’t really tie things up, and we KNEW he wasn’t going to be tying things up since Book 5 came out. Book 5 basically kicked the can backwards as far as the reason or the explanation for the plague, and in Book 6 Jepperd basically says something like “we don’t know, we’ll never know.”

A little disappointing, when for four books, Lemire was dangling the answer to the why question.

We do of course get a conclusion for Gus, and a long-range one at that, so it’s not like Lemire totally reneged–and I’d still recommend the entire thing to anybody–just for the world-building.

But he doesn’t tie things up–in fact he goes out of his way not to.

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