Describing the indescribable with Jeff Vandermeer


I found the first two volumes gripping, and pretty amazing… but the third, though there were sections that had my full attention, seemed to drift – meandering through areas that had already been thoroughly explored. It seemed to be covering the same territory repeatedly; sometimes literally, without adding anything other than a continued sense of unease.

I found myself wondering if I had failed as a reader with the third volume, and I’m still not sure. I do know that by the time I finished, I realized I would have been more content if I had stopped after the second book.

Lacking a clear reason for the way I feel, I just have to say YMMV. Perhaps I’m doing the author a disservice; as nearly always, I’d recommend you decide for yourself. If you get the trilogy as Area X, you won’t have overinvested if you find yourself running out of steam towards the end, as I did.

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