We're finally getting a second season of Sweet Tooth

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Well, color me surprised. I liked the first season, but I figured no way were we ever gonna get a second. That is a little unexpected plus for the day!

I liked it ok but it was one of those shows with fantastical premises where I found myself struggling to maintain a suspension of disbelief over relatively mundane things, rather than over the more novel comic-book elements like the puppet groundhog boy.

Just one example, which is not uncommon in these types of shows:

In the final episode of season 1 Big Man gets shot and immediately loses consciousness. Later on you see that Aimee somehow came to his rescue, managing to heal him from a serious gunshot wound (if you lose consciousness right away something major must have a big hole in it, right?) and single-handedly move his quite large unconscious body to her hideout.

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