Future Man season 2 is brilliant

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I actually thought the second season was not quite as good, but that’s OK because I don’t think most people saw the first season yet anyway. It is silly but enjoyable.


I too enjoyed season 1 more, but I did enjoy season 2. I love Keith David - omg so good. Haley Joel Osment is fun as well. But Wolf and Tiger are the true gems hamming it up. Oh and Ed Bagley!


Yeah, I also preferred season one a bit more.

I’m also curious why we’re discussing this now, four months after the series was released. This feels like a post out of time.


Because I just watched it last week?

I reviewed Johnny Socko like 30 years after it was off the air. Get with the program.


Nothing to say about the really dumb ending? Well, without spoilers, I’d just recommend skipping the final episode. It wraps up fine in the penultimate one.
The actual final episode would make Shamalayan puke.

Sounds like somebody is living in the past! Contemporize… man!

These statements are super ironic considering Wolf, when going back in time, fell in love with Cory Heart so much he changed his name. Sometimes good stuff is discovered late.

I liked the show, both season which on back to back in the uk, thou the ending of season 2 did not inspire me to think that season 3 would be any good…

I loved the ending! Glad to hear it’s got another season, and that it’s set to be the last. Go out strong. If they do to that ending what they did to the initial premise of s2, itll contort it a million different ways.

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