Second season of Extant premieres tonight on CBS

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I’ll stick to finishing the second season of Penny Dreadful.

I was very dubious about Extant, but stuck with it. I ended up enjoying the first season, but think they could have wrapped things up and made it a mini series.

Still, I’ll give the second season a try. But if it looks lame, I’ll stop watching.

I ditched “Falling Skies” because that show seems to keep adding alien menaces / factions to keep things rolling along.

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First season was a -3 on a scale of 10. Positively regretable viewing experience…


I made it to the third episode before realizing I. Did. Not. Care.

I kept meaning to marathon it in the backgrounf to see if that improved it,but, nope.

I watched it because it’s fun, but it lost a LOT of cred with me when Halle showed up for a major action scene wearing heels. I mean, she knew she was going to be sneaking into that lab. And what does she wear? Heels???

But, she is about the most beautiful woman ever so it’s fine with me if a good number of the outfits are clearly designed just to show off how lovely she is.

Heels, though? For realz?

Everybody has to make their own choices, but I liked her better before she rebuilt her image.

I liked her better before she smashed into someone else’s car, fled the scene, and claimed not to remember any of it. She did say it ‘changed her life,’ so maybe that’s part of the makeover.


My wife and I started watching it last season, even though my wife HATES Halle Berry… I’m sorta ambivalent about her as an actress (but yeah, the hit and run thing, fuck that), but gave it a shot. The possibility of an interesting story was there, creepy robot kid and alien pregnancy and all… But by the end I was kinda rooting for Molly Wood to get killed by somebody… ANYBODY… Really.

I’m sorry, if it picks up months after the first season, it’s NOT A REBOOT. It’s JUST A SECOND SEASON.

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