Extant rebooted for 2nd season: teaser

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The first season was truly awful, just horrendous. It would be hard for them to do any worse at least.


It was poorly put together, but I watched it for free, and I guess that puts it about a 5 on a scale of 10…

I wanted to like the show, but it was so bad. The whole robot boy thing was cheesy, not even creepy. It always makes me sad when crappy SF gets on TV and makes non-fans think all SF is crappy. Too often it’s written by a TV writer who assumes SF is easy, all you need to write SF is either time travel, a humanlike robot or alien, or both.

Apparent source of the unattributed, link-less quote:

Spielberg’s whole questionably-innocent-childlike-robot meme (and I’m talking throughout his career, not just in Extant) was played out long ago. But I’m not looking forward to this reboot, either.

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