Raising Dion, sci-fi comic about child with superpowers, greenlit as Netflix series


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/10/06/raising-dion-sci-fi-comic-abo.html


OH wait, the trailer wasn’t for an actual show, but the comic? So they will probably recast and have different people for the actual show?


Very likely, yes.


Pity. The trailer was so good, and the cast seemed perfect.


Except that kid is likely too old now. So makes sense. Maybe they’ll keep the actress who played the mother?


I liked that that trailer had a bit of an ABC After School Special vibe to it.


Can I actually hope that this show won’t follow the same old formula every similar show has?: Some one or a group of people have special abilities and are ruthlessly pursued by an evil private or government organization.


You haven’t been watching the Marvel shows on Netflix, have you? Because they aren’t about that.


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