Marvel adds Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur to their television roster

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Doesn’t look too bad

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Still surprised that relatively obscure characters like “Moon Knight,” “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” and “Echo” all got the big-budget Marvel screen adaptations before Squirrel Girl did but holding out hope they are just waiting for the right script.


I think Squirrel Girl would work best as an animated show considering how random and delightful her comic books are


Ok, that looks adorable.

THIS… All of this.


I have a few of the old Kirby Devil Dinosaur comics, they are very weird and serious, but fun! It’s set in the distant past, where ape-like Moon Boy saves Devil from some lava or something and they become friends and have adventures. LOTS of narration, as in most comics with a non-speaking main character (Man-Thing, Werewolf By Night, Godzilla). The bombastic Kirby art style serves it well, with lots of big splash pages. I think he wanted to pitch it as a kids cartoon, glad to see it in this form at last! I read the first couple issues of the new series a few years ago and it’s great as more of a comedy. Moon-boy appears briefly but stays in the past while Devil comes to modern times and meets the precocious Moon-Girl. Looking forward to this!


I’m looking forward to Disney releasing some X-Men films, so the Jubilee can… er… continue to be sidelined? :woman_shrugging:

I can’t wait for this!

I love the comics, as does my daughter. She even dressed as Lunella for Halloween last year, with my wife as DD!

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