The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is here to kick butts and eat nuts

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But isn’t her key power that she gets whatever super power he enemy has but just a bit better?

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She and Wolverine have had an on and off again thing.

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Squirrel Girl: The time when Marvel comics decided that there’s not enough awful art in Superhero Comics.

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I would think the big selling point here is that it is from the mind behind Dinosaur Comics and some of the Adventure Time comic run.


Yeah, some of those women look positively over-fed. I don’t get it.


Aren’t comics, like videogames, supposed to pander to us horny, het, cliche’d guys?

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The whole run of Squirrel Girl so far under Ryan North has been a ton of fun. It takes a completely ridiculous character and makes her awesome without just being an in-joke that’s been taken way too far (which is what she’s been for awhile). Very worthwhile reading and one of the funniest comics out there.


does she make a “and I don’t have any nuts” joke?

Clearly anyone who finds this art to be below standards must be a 14 year old boy. Clearly, we lack the we lack the wisdom of OtherMichael, Lord Protector of Awful Grid Layouts.

Sometimes I think I am going insane, because I forget that I am in the Asylum.

Wait, what’s wrong with the art, then?

Other than the pouty faces, but that’s kinda Erica Henderson’s thing. It’s no “all pockets and no-feet” Liefield…

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More like deformed faces. But anatomy is not really important in comics. Two of my favorite artists to work in American comics, Kirby and Quitely, are not particularly great at faces either. Neither(either?) is Henderson’s contemporary Babs Tarr, who does have a thing about pouty faces for women. But Tarr is a brilliant storyteller, the only important quality in a cartoonist. Henderson’s layout’s never ever serve the story she’s telling. It’s like an editor who has never seen a movie trying to break conventions.

It is sad that when the Big Two actually publish anything interesting nobody reads it, but when they make something so pedestrian and incompetent, it gets all the attention.

The post’s “See sample pages from this book at Wink.” link didn’t work for me–it just gave an enlarged image of the post’s illustration (i.e., the cover of the book).

Looks like this is what’s wanted?

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I personally love her style! So expressive!

Wow, I read that waaaaaayyyy too fast, and read it as “Squirrel Girl is here to kick nuts and eat…”

My bad.

But squirrel related:

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