Kamala Khan, America Chavez, and Squirrel Girl Will Be Teaming Up for a New Secret Warriors Animated Movie

Unless American Chavez toned way the hell down from being a ‘here let’s shove every minority ticbox while engadging in blatant wish fulfilment that is ‘throw everyone not Exactly Like Me under the bus’ rather than use her as a way to go ‘I don’t want those currently opressed to be the new opressors.’ I have no interest in anything involving her.

The Concept behind Chavez is interesting; she’s someone from a mono-gender society/world that is similar enough that she gets the day to day, but now has to look at a new society, our society. That has the potential for compelling storytelling and social commentary, but nope! She gets Tumbler (LITERALLY the girl’s name) as a sidekick and every man is the enemy. WHY?!

Then you have Carol Danvers. Civil War was a poor storyline and it treated her worse than everyone else in it for having her be the ‘unreasonable’ one of the group advocating for treating visions as absolute truth.

The one saving grace here is Squirrel Girl.

The problem here is I am afraid it will be less ‘here let’s have a kickass story’ and more ‘we will preach down at our viewers except if what came out of our mouths were from a male character like Tony Stark aimed at women it would be seen as sexist bullshit that would get marvel boycotted.

God I hope Squirrel Girl is in the lineup for her own feature film soon. MCU Phase IV maybe? They have to cast someone with the right face and body type though, none of this skinny supermodel nonsense. Doreen needs cheeks, hips and an endearing overbite.

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For me Squirrel Girl could save this mess by being the counterweight htat gets Chavez off the edge of going into extremism and into ‘you want to help people right?That’s good When bad things happen always remember to look for the helpers. Know who saidthat? Mister Rodgers.’

I would comment on spiderqwen but i know nothing of the character.

I just wanna hope but have a lot of concern, y’know?

And yes a squirrel Girl Phase IV thing would be awesome… so long as they get someone with the proper look to pull it off. Like you ‘no supermodels plz. someone with a realistic body type.’

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