The final trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is upon us


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Thanks Disney! I mean Seamus! Did hear read they’re making more Star Wars movies?
This mainstream tripe is definitely why I keep reading BB.


I’m a little disappointed they didn’t include Squirrel Girl in this movie but I guess if they had the battle would be over in like two minutes.


Has anyone ever figured out how she beats everyone that she faces in battle?


Gosh, you’re fun. I’m super glad I don’t have to go to the movies with you.

One of the great Mysteries of the Internet is the phenomenon of people who barge into various chatrooms and message boards to inform people about how much the current topic bores them. Nobody cares.


I’ve read most of the current Squirrel Girl titles with my kids (OK, sometimes I read them for my own enjoyment too). Her main secret—as I was happy to see my kids observe—is that she usually tries to figure out what the bad guys really want and attempts to talk things out before jumping straight to battle mode. As often as not she figures out a way to help the bad guy find a more constructive way of achieving his goals.

For example, she averted Galactus’ destruction of Earth by redirecting him to a planet that is devoid of intelligent life but plentiful in protein-rich nuts.


Have a good time I hear the good guys win.




Spunk, charisma, chutzpah.


I’m holding out for the one with 32 distinct superheros and no dialogue or emotional growth whatsoever - just one constant CGI battle. It’s where we’re headed and I don’t have the time to spend watching all these diluted compromises.


I LOVE movie previews and I LOVED watching the Marvel movie previews but I think they always give too much away. I have stayed away from any Infinity War promotional material / discussions ever since the first teaser. I will not watch this one, damn it!


luck. One of her underlying super powers is luck (like Longshot).


I can’t believe she got taken in by the fake Uatu.


My son is seven years old and still calls him, “Hotguy.” I don’t have the heart to correct him.


Alphabetically, the first few movies in my film collection, before The Avengers, are Across 110th Street, After Life, The American Friend, American Splendor, The Arrival and The Asphalt Jungle. It’s possible to appreciate auteurism, classics, art house films and yes, even big studio fluff in equal parts. Not everyone has the same loves or hates when it comes to entertainment. I don’t expect someone to enjoy watch Cat Ballou or Duel at Ganyru Island, just because I do.

I’ll likely talk about those movies too, when the opportunity presents itself. But right now, I’m excited for the new Avengers movie: two hours of explosions and joy.


Really!? Awesome :joy:


People commenting their distaste on forums is certainly a topic worth deeper investigation, but till then…

Who’s that Voldemort lookin’ dude in the trailer?


Oh don’t pretend you didn’t always want to see a “Vodemort vs. Doctor Strange” wizard battle.


clutches pearls I would never make such a claim!


I wouldn’t either, but you know that at some point he’s going to say it at school and I am guessing that will lead to feelings of resentment