The Black Panther teaser trailer looks amazing

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Oh… that Black Panther.
I thought this was going to be a documentary.


And already features more female characters than the rest of the MCU combined. I’m so excited!

Ruth Carter is killing it with the costume design, too. Good article in Essence regarding her inspirations.


I’m digging it the most!


That is a very dense trailer.

I wish I had more knowledge of the Black Panther universe to better appreciate it.


I’ve an issue with that one guy saying that he’s the only one to see the place.
Not that people don’t talk like that, they do all the time.
It’s just stupid. Obviously a shit ton of people have seen the place. They fucking live there.
I hope that one guys blatant hubris is addressed.

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He kind of already got some comeuppance in Avengers: Age of Ultron when a poorly chosen word cost him that arm.


Well, I have learned to not get tooo excited from trailers. But I will see this. Hopefully it keeps up to the Avengers level of good.

Also, I just realized, does pretty much every action movie nowadays starts with low strings going back and forth? Like every single movie starts that way it seems.

He followed with “and made it out alive” so it made sense in context.

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Nah, BP must go back and forth.

Here’s the basics, I as I understand them. I read comics 30 years ago, and have dabbled in whatever trade paperbacks the library has (ps, it’s TONS, go visit your local library!)

Black Panther is the spiritual leader of the African nation of Wakanda, which is technologically very advanced. More so in MCU, it’s also somewhat obscure, they don’t want others messing with them, which seems prudent given the norms of western colonialism. The nation is a monarchy, and the king/queen rules with justice and righteousness for the betterment of Wakandans, while the Black Panther resides in a sacred city and guides the nation spiritually and defensively if needed, and is an unbelievable badass when doing it.

Wakanda is the (largest? only?) source for the very rare mineral ore vibranium, used to make exotic materials like Captain America’s shield. I would guess that the bad guy in the trailer is/becomes Klaw, who’s got a vibranium-based sonic weapon replacing one hand in the comics.


Angela Bassett in this is the closest I will ever get to seeing her as Storm. They even gave her white hair! <3 Angela forever Storm Goddess of my Heart



looks amazing! first big budget afrofuturism movie! more please…


Still no black widow film… meh.

It’s hard to believe that DC got there first but here we are.

Well, you could pretend Ghost in the Shell was some sort of Elseworld/What If back story to Black Widow.


You could. Though i don’t.

I need a well placed michelle wolf quote…

Everyone is putting way too much pressure on Wonder Woman, like everything for women hinges on its success or failure. You know when we’ll feel like women are equal at the box office? When we get to make a bad superhero movie and then immediately make another bad one. Men get chance after chance to make superhero movies. No one left crappy Batman v Superman saying, “Well, I guess we’re done making ‘man’ movies.”


I agree with that quote. When something fails it rarely is the fault of just the character or actor or genre or subject - but usually a combination of it all, and primarily bad writing. People will still be entertained with everything but the writing being sub par. Even if everything is fantastic but a shit story, it will probably end up sucking - though possibly still successful like Transformers.