Here's what a song composed in 1400 BC sounds like


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Wow, that was REALLY old school.


[oblig.] Yeah, I used to be really into the Ugarit scene back when it was still… underground…


Totally, man, I was like so into ugaritic cuneiform when it wasn’t cool, but now it’s totally played out.


I’m impressed they had reverb available 3400 years ago.


more goatbell


omg, i just watched that episode of the original series about a week ago. them space hippies were FAR OUT, and of course, starfleet was trying to keep them down!




Dude shreds!


People keep doing this - giving us the real true authentic music of the dinosaurs. I did a little clicking, and the scholarship is extremely speculative, certainly nothing like reading a musical score. (I was surprised to find it does, at least, mention a few intervals.) What was it last time, the music coming out of that guy’s butt in the Garden of Earthly Delights?

I think this music can be used to charge your homeopathic moon crystals, so at least it’s useful.


Certain parts are really reminiscent of Landini’s Ecco La Primavera; really interesting.

Some shades of Andreas Waldetoft’s interpretation of In Taberna too:


Yeah, I find it amusing when people decide they have decoded this kind of ancient stuff, when we’re not even sure exactly how Beethoven performed his own music, even when it was meticulously noted in modern terms. I mean, this sounds super cool and everything, but it’s still essentially a wild guess.


I can’t be the only one currently whistling the Old Spice song.


You can hear how the melody fits the earliest recorded song lyrics, as well.

Yabba dabba doo,
Yabba dabba doo,
Yabba dabba dabba dabba doo.


It’s pretty much all their forebears had. Cave bone-whistlers would’ve killed for a dozen egg-boxes.


“Content not available in Assyria.”


This. This is a wonderful thing.

Those of you enjoying the music: you’re gonna love Paul Metzger.


I did like this. Thanks!


If I said I sounded like that, I’d be a lyre.


Forget not about these guys.