Here's what you need to know about Twitter's new character limit update

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Anyone figured out how to use the exempted tagging and existing names and so on to write veritable novels or did I miss the part where that’s prevented?


Maybe there is a limit in the number of “free items” you can use?

So sick of 140 chars its all ways 2 or 3 less than i need, sick of having to use bad spelling and grammar to fit my tweets in, its time the got over them self and dropped 140 char limit its 2016 not 1996, we are not using nokias to right them!

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#agree #143characters


Speak for yourself…




If all of these other attachments and Twitter Polls don’t count, why would URLs?

Because there’s no revenue or stickiness benefit to Twitter when your tweet sends visitors to another site. Video and images can be (and are) formatted to keep visitors on Twitter’s site, but until Twitter decides they can get away with framing the destination site within your feed then there’s nothing in it for them.



I can tweet on my Nokia via text message, so there!

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