Oneboxed tweets are getting truncated

I’m noticing that it seems like oneboxed tweets are usually being truncated.

Example here.

Here’s how the tweet looks in @daneel’s post:

Here’s how it looks when you click through:

#Gorsuch #SCOTUS pick #RESIST” are all cut off in the onebox’ed tweet.

I have noticed this more and more. It’s incredibly annoying every time to have the end of the tweet cut off and need to click through to read the end of it. Adding to the annoyance is how Twitter deep links them to launch the Twitter app on iOS (not sure about Android) which wastes even more time.

Again if this is a Twitter API restriction then I get that there’s crap that can be done here – I’m hoping it isn’t. I mean how lame would that be? Then again it is Twitter.

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Looks like that’s the case…

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Wow, so it really is, “we restrict your posts to a minuscule 140 characters and won’t even expose all of them to you from our API.”

Man, fuck Twitter and their backwards-ass extensibility.

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