Onebox all the links!


Continuing the discussion from Random comic generator:

Every link to a web page that has OpenGraph or oEmbed fields on the page will now be posted as a oneboxed link. We used to do this only for a narrow list of whitelisted websites — now we do it for all websites by default.

So any “bare” links you post should be prettified and oneboxed, if they can be, like so:

If you’re not sure why a link didn’t onebox, it probably does not have OpenGraph or oEmbed fields in it. You can use the checker to verify or view source on the page if you are just that god damned hard core™.

Please to be reporting any issues or oddities. :pray:

Obligatory XKCD
This month has just been a long series of excuses to draw Commander in costumes.

Both URLs seem to check out okay on


May I ask a question? Let me see if I can word this…

My question is about copyright. I understand that one can post a small bit of something without violating copyright, right? So I assume that the oneboxes here don’t violate copyright.

Just now I posted this link: in another thread [here, if anyone is wondering]. I actually wanted to post a link to only the largest photo that you’ll see if you click that google link. But it didn’t want to just stay as a link–it would have posted the actual photo. BUT I didn’t know if I had the right to post the photo on the bbs! Any advice?

(Having the photo rather than just posting the link would have been more dramatic and would have made my point better, but again, I didn’t know if I had the right to do that.)


Unlikely, iframely will synthesize missing info. View source and see if the necessary fields are there. Checking the relevant tabs it … does seem valid though.

@zogstrip can have a look at any ones that should work tomorrow so keep the examples coming.


Let’s see:


What’s up with this one? An autoplay video in the onebox?

That’s properly obnoxious.


My browser doesn’t play it:

I believe almost all Flash will be click-to-play very soon in all browsers due to security issues.


Any chance for a not-so-technical link about what onebox is, and why one would use it? My searching gets me lots of telephony links.

I don’t relate to those concerns at all. Working against plagiarism and forgery I can understand. But in an ecosystem of hyperlinked media, it seems that the whole point is that people experience it. If you require centralized control of your media, then why put it on the internet? That’s not what it’s for.


See and the four rules that legally define fair use. I am surprised Cory does not have them tattooed on his biceps at this point.


I’m seeing an issue with the oneboxing… sometimes an associated image doesn’t get loaded, even though it’s present and valid at the source:


Sure @zogstrip can you have a look?


Works fine for me


Good news! I’ve deployed latest here and almost all the not-oneboxing or bad-oneboxing cases we’ve seen, @zogstrip has fixed! :poodle: :fr: :tada:

In particular @fiddlingfrog I rebaked your post and one of them is working now, not quite sure on the other.

Also @RatMan your oneboxed link looks fine to me


The second URL is just a cleaned-up version of the first, so one out of two is just fine.


The onebox apparently forces a login request. Maybe krebs is being ultra paranoid because of the risk of DDOS, but…


He has every reason to be ultra paranoid.


Oh I see that’s the weird wordpress oneboxing that @zogstrip just fixed. I’ll deploy that now.


Amazon oneboxing is resulting in a box labelled “Robot Check”


It depends how often we ping Amazon to get item data. They don’t like frequent pings. I can rebake it later.


This Onebox failure is a crime against all that it good, just, and polite: