Onebox all the links!


Ok that is fixed as well as a few other onebox issues (the NYT one, etc).




Well, I’m glad I recently purchased an art book. Made that puzzle much easier


@ficuswhisperer said this link

But I think per it is missing the content, so the onebox would be a pointless image, so that’s why in this case… their opengraph/oembed is busted.

Here’s what Slack does with it. As you can see: no content / summary. We consider that a showstopper for our oneboxing.


Oh, are we reporting problems with this?

I was trying to link to this page recently, and thought it was odd that it was not getting boxed.

Nothing seems unusual at iFramely.


That puzzle did not play well with my phone as I just scrolled up this thread

Once the puzzle window was full screen, all I could do was move pieces in the browser window. Had to kill the browser to do anything.

Android running what ever the one less than current dessert flavor is.


Bummer. It worked amazingly well on my iPad - much better than I’d expected.


Same as the justice link – that one has no text summary. It has a ball of complex HTML and JS for “embedding” but zero text summary of the content. That is a deal breaker for us.


To be clear, are you referring to the og:description field? Because it has one of those.


Hmm, I guess you’re right. Any ideas on that one @zogstrip?


Let’s see

Any idea why that one doesn’t work @zogstrip? Seems correct in


Here’s another one that behaves poorly:


I’m not sure if this is fixable, since I haven’t yet used twitter, much less twitter related apis.

but the real tweet continues

…m in court.

kind of detracts from the tweet’s impact.


Gotta fit it in 140 chars, ACLU.


No, Stephen Bannon, the media should not “keep its mouth shut” and if the Trump administration tries, we’ll see them in court.

is 126 characters.


Interesting, any ideas on this @eviltrout?


Another one:

Though since I’m on mobile, I had to snip out the mobile part of the address. That usually fixes the one box issue, but not this time.


Only actual tweets will onebox not twitter accounts.


Okay, that makes sense. Thank you!


I just checked and that’s what the twitter API responds with:

{"created_at"=>"Thu Jan 26 20:25:49 +0000 2017",
 "text"=>"No, Stephen Bannon, the media should not “keep its mouth shut” and if the Trump administration tries, we’ll see the…",
  # ...

Oneboxed tweets are getting truncated