Hermès sells rocks for less than the price of an iPhone X


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Perfect :+1:


$4.00 ea. (1975)


Inflation and my lack of general economic sense tells me that $4 in 1975 must be ~$850 in 2017.


EZ Money!

Jiyuseki Stone Phone


how much without the leather strap? I like to let my rocks roam freely.




I can’t be the only one whose immediate thought was that this was another sort of sex thing rather than a paperweight.

What’s that they’re saying these days? Anything can be a paperweight if you’re brave enough?


I suppose if a rich idiot has 900 bucks to spend on a paperweight then why not.


If you ever spot a rich idiot like this, point them in my direction. I haven’t sold a painting for that much, but would really like to.


You’re trying too hard. Paint the canvas white, make up an overly complicated philosophical story about what it means. Profit.






Automobile Tire Print (1953)


The painting a canvas white thing is also an actual work of “art”. There’s also Marcel Duchamp…


Gwyneth Paltrow is already recommending it on her site as a “natural vaginal cleaner”.
OK, not really.
Well, so far…


Commando stones?


I’m now imagining a lucrative sponsorship deal with the Primitive Technology channel on Youtube:


What about Marley the pony?

“This unique, one-of-a-kind piece - affectionately named “Marley” - was created through the expertise of saddler-fine leather craftsmen and the couturiers at the petit h workshop.”

Also unique, and only $133,800, with free (ground) shipping.





Perfect for breaking in your $10,000 Hermès Birkin bag.