Hero EMT driver has a message for California's awful drivers


I think you’re expecting way too much of selfish and self important So. Cal. drivers.

I mean why should they be inconvenienced just because someone else has the audacity to have an emergency when they’re driving on the freeway?

(I wish that this could be true sarcasm, but unfortunately from 40+ years of driver behavioral observation, I’m afraid that this is too close to reality.)

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As someone who drives a fire engine: always pull to the right if possible. You should never be on the shoulder unless all lanes are blocked and the cops direct the lane onto the shoulder. That said, sometimes you have to split lanes and force people to either side. A big problem is that the law is usually pull-right in the US, but the cops don’t care and just play GTA and zoom around cars on all sides. They teach people bad habits. Even worse is the freeze-in-place driver. Do you really want to see if we can drain our air tanks leaning on the horn? I’ve got a headset on so that airhorn isn’t nearly as loud for me, I can lean on it all day.

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