Hey, a picture I took of my dog went viral




BABY! (typing enough characters to allow this to go through but that’s really all I have right now)


Congrats on the almost impossible task of achieving viral while at the same time avoiding humiliation.


Congrats to Trixie. I knew that dog was going places.


Huh, something like that happened to me last night. The dog through the legs, not the viral photo. And that is one good looking K9. :smiley:


And that is one good looking K9.

why don’t you have a seat over there.




As a protocol droid, I am fluent in in over six million forms of communication and can readily extend the proper congratulations for over a thousand canine breeds:



Is Tricksy a basset?


No, I think it’s a Siamese.


He’s adorable. Reminds me of my own.


She is a mutt. We believe she is a possible Aussie shepherd/coyote mix.


Hahahahahahaha!!! I have a board on Pinterest called 'Scooter and Friends. I pinned that photo early on; it’s such a classic image. What a great dog!


Excuse me. Would you like to have a free personality test?


So I don’t suppose you added the caption, Rob?

Also, when it comes to posts purely about a given pic, is there any way that pic could be embedded into the OP on the BBS?


The caption was added by him as well.


For the dog we just adopted that face means “why aren’t you petting me?” and also “you should use your every waking moment petting me.”


Love it! I’ve only had the head-through-legs a couple of times, normally it’s just a wet mouth on the leg (oh my!).

I’m not good at captions - maybe someone can help my Barry reach similar stardom. I’ve provided two scenarios:




I don’t have anything funny to say…I just am in love with Barry. What a cool guy.


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