Hey BB how come no reporting on WA being the first to pass a state Net Neutrality bill?


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Way to go Washington!

I’d say I hope my state follows suit, but I know better.


What’s the legal position on this?
As a Non-US person, I’m not sure what the states can regulate and what’s federal, when it comes to issues like this. Wasn’t all the previous net neutrality stuff done at a national level?


Does the Governor of Washington not recognize Montana as a state?


Executive order isn’t the same as law passed by the state house. It can be quickly reversed at the whim of current or next administration.


On the other hand, the Washington law might get reversed first, as it tries to localize interstate commerce by outright banning ISP slowdowns; the FCC has already said they will fight this in the courts. Montana (and New York and maybe other states) only say that the state government must use a neutral ISP, it is hard to see how this aspect of procurement policy is not clearly within their authority.


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