California joins Montana and New York in creating state Net Neutrality rules


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I’m pretty sure that if the US does break up into sane/not sane segments, it’ll probably look a little like this…


Roger That! We read you 5 x 5 here deep the Rebel State of California.


Trouble is, we’re likely to end up with 50 standards. This is why we have the Interstate Trade Clause. The thing to do is reverse Pai.


Reversing now! Hold onto your butts! It’s go’n get ugly…


Snow Crash is really looking more and more like prophecy, not fiction.


There’s already a few meta-nations around, like Asgardia, or the ever classic Free Masons.


California joins Montana and New York…
Montana. Huh.


Marijuana, climate change, and internet, we are rebels.

Don’t think he would fit back in his mothers womb.


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