America's super-concentrated telcoms industry unites to sue California over Net Neutrality law

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If you want to bury your cables here, sell residential internet service to our citizens, and run your data centers here, then I guess you better learn to live under the Golden State’s laws.

You’re absolutely free to take your business out of California and go to Nevada, Arizona, etc.


Actually it’s a trivial problem and one that can be solved by editing a text file. GeoIP, QoS, and traffic weighting have been around for a long time.

When the Feds decide they aren’t going to regulate a thing or have decided they lack the authority to do so, we actually have something for that

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people - Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution


Shouldn’t the fact that an industry bands together to file a “fuck the consumer” lawsuit trigger antitrust concerns?


Am I the only one that finds it crazy that Gov. Brown is a champion of the people of any kind? Or did I slip into a MandalaEffect Universe where the Dead Kennedy’s never existed?

Die on organic poison gas
Serpent’s egg’s already hatched
You will croak, you little clown
When you mess with President Brown
When you mess with President Brown

Bring it Ajit Pai & Trumpanzie GOV!

You’re welcome again The Rest of the USA!

sincerely The Rebel State of California.


Nope, you’re not.


Maybe his morality actually hit a low point that it wouldn’t cross.

My moonshot hope is with engineering ISPs entirely out of the picture and replacing them with a decentralized version of the internet. There are already projects in the works, like Althea.


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