Lobbyist for AT&T and Verizon publishes a threat to "aggressively" sue any states that pass net neutrality laws


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/28/menacing-corporate-lickspittle.html


Fixed it for you.


This lawsuit threat tells you everything you need to know about why we desperately need to keep net neutrality intact. If it were not for corporate greed this assholes would have nothing since the internet infrastructure was built with public taxes and funds. The internet belongs to us, not corporate techno barons. Fuck’em.


I hope they end up suing every state in the Union until they run themselves bankrupt.


Yup, I had much the same thought. Who does he suppose has the bigger pockets? His employers or the state? A state has an almost bottomless well pit of lawyers they can throw at this sort of thing.


There’s only one possible purpose: intimidation. If you expect to win, you just file the suit and get busy. If you expect to lose, you bluff.

Willing to bet California is not intimidated.


I’m sharpening my guillotine…


That’s really going to depend on the state. NY or CA have very different sized pockets than KS or OK.


Damn Ikea!


It would be awesome to see 1,000 people in each 50 states united under this cause.

50,000 new lawsuits would be hilarious.

I would love to see AT&T and Verizon wither under their own aggression.


Campaign finance reform time!


What’s different when you sue aggressively vs casually?


Welcome to the United Corporate States of America. Resistance is futile. Your legal system will adapt to service them.


And then when the local governments implement a community provider will you sue them all too?


Republicans all like



I really like the flag. I wants one, my precioussss…


Why do they need another slimy and bullying lobbyist when one is already sitting as chair of the FCC?

Seriously, I hope they do sue. It’ll settle the issue in favour of the states and teach the telecoms an expensive lesson about hiring jerks like this.


Somebody tell me which is the non-evil phone company I’m supposed to use now.


I heard once that Google don’t be evil.


… right now?