New York joins Montana in Net Neutrality, bans non-Neutral ISPs from supplying government agencies


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I can’t help but wonder if ISPs will simply create a GEM (government, education, military) account classification that does not throttle or classify traffic giving the state what it wants while leaving the door open to violations of net neutrality for their residential services.



It would depend on how the Montana and NY bans are worded, if the wording says that the ISP as a company engages in throttling any customer regardless of tier that they can’t do business with the government then there’s no way setting up an alternate GEM classification would help them if they are throttling commercial and residential customers.


The opposition to Pai and his cronies in this multi-front war just keeps growing.


So the ISP creates a spin off company that buys service from the parent ISP and in turn sells that service to the state.


A thing of beauty watching the Streisand Effect take hold of government regulations.

“Regulatory capture,” indeed!


I’m sure its possible, there’s always loopholes. Just gotta make it enough of a pain in the ass that they decide its easier to play nice.


I’m more concerned about state level politicians getting brownie points for what they know is shell game legislation.


Politicians likely don’t give a damn because they get enough in bribes from telecoms to vote their way, however considering the immense push back from voters it’s made it really difficult for some politicians to remain in the anti-net neutrality camp.


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