Hey BoingBoing, what is the deal with the home page?

So I use the blog feed (Blog | Boing Boing), and I have noticed that it uses up an amazing amount of memory on my computer and CPU. Like literally 5+ gigabytes. GIGABYTES! The CPU usage fluxes, but at times it would use 30% or more! I also noticed my adblock didn’t really work anymore, so I went and switched to a different one. This seemed to bring it down to about 1GB, which is better, and CPU usage is nominal So I assume something running in some of the ads is hogging up memory like Jeff Bezos?

I know probably most users are going to the standard home page, but if it is the same ads running on that page, I imagine it is hogging memory/CPU for them too.

I know you have to run ads, that’s fine, but maybe it would be worth figuring out which ones are really dragging performance down of users.

Is this an @jlw question?

Anyway, thought I would make you aware.

Close your browser and restart it. Everything is running fine for me on the latest Chrome/OSX. Email help@ in the future.