Hey small business owners! You can save the Internet

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If they kill the internet, how will the Fbook help the TGOP throw the next election???


Not to put carts before horses but wouldn’t it be possible to use the CRA to reverse the FCC’s repeal and permanently block them from killing net neutrality ever again?

By CRA, do you mean the Community Reinvestment Act?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

Hey small business owners! You can save the Internet

Well, yes they could, but …
do they really want to?

That seems so “Bedford Falls.”

Next you’ll be telling us that Bailey Park and Potter’s Field are metaphysically in the same place .

/s (+1 online plot-twist)

Sorry, I meant the Congressional Review Act. It’s been used recently as a deregulation trick pony for the Republican Party. If Congress decides to review a regulation made by a federal agency and rejects it, the agency must rescind the rule but even more nefarious, they are no longer allowed to make any rules that are similar to the one rescinded ever again.

And a quick Google search showed me the Democrats were actually trying to use this:


They should add a privacy notification to that form. I am always wary of online petitions as being more for harvesting contact information than having any progressive action on regulation and legislation.

Ah, okay that makes sense.

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