NEWS: Senate votes to reinstate Net Neutrality protections


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Put that in your oversized Reeses Pieces mug and drink it, you corporate shill.


The Power of The Upcoming Midterms.


This is great!!!

So what happens now?


Eh… More votes, more campaigning, more big red warnings that we are all dooooomed, I’m afraid. So it goes.


Anybody know where I can find the complete list of which Senators voted yea/nay?


Did you mis-spell shill there? I thought it was only four letters and ended in t.


Another lobbyist in the Senate hall.


Great question. Don’t know off the top of my head, but ProPublica might be a start.



It is now up to the House of Representatives to vote on the CRA. Unfortunately, no such vote is currently scheduled, and it may not get scheduled at all. For all the crowing about victory, I’m afraid the issue is dead until after the midterms.

I do hope I’m wrong.


I don’t feel so confident about this. The number of votes for either side are way too balanced for me to feel good about the final outcome.


I hope the Dem make this a wedge issue come November. This and legalized weed.


Excellent, publish the names of all the cronies that voted No


The courts should already have overruled him. Federal regulations are required to show they are in the best interest of the public before enacted. Not popular - but in the public interest.

Pai didn’t even bother. And that’s par for this administration, they don’t even bother to know the rules.


Must be voted in the House.
Then have a simple majority.
After that it goes to the President.
President Cheeto vetos it.
Then it goes back to the Senate & House, they both must get a 2/3rd super majority.

R.I.P. Net Neutrality. I guess enjoy paying extra fees when Comcast and others start throttling the non-provider services and build up new pricing tiers of service to make up for the beating they’ve taken on cable TV from the cord cutters.


Our courts?

I wonder if Trump’s furious judge-stacking will already make the ones this issue lands in his courts.


Is the US GOV turning a corner? Maybe…



Courts cannot “override” a veto.