Victory! House of Reps passes legislation to restore Net Neutrality

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but why? Seriously. Does anyone know the GOP stance on why Net Neutrality is a bad thing?


It interferes with their big donors to ability make money.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised that it will be "dead on arrival," but if it gets to a recorded vote, anything could happen.
That's not how the senate works. McConnell won't bring it to a vote, and that's the end of it. The only positive result here is that the Democrats can campaign on the issue.

Realistically…how long will this be good for? A month? Two?


Stop using terms like “Victory” when it’s nowhere near getting through the legislative process. The Senate needs to pass it and then Trump would need to sign it. THEN it’s “VICTORY”. People have a hard enough time understanding how things work and not getting cynical without media sources distorting the process.


The fact that Mitch McConnell is still alive is not proof that there is no God, but it is proof that the end times have already been and gone and we are in hell. Satan is in charge and there is no hope.


Why is it possible for one person (person-shaped-entity?) to block the functioning of an entire branch of government?


Because… politics?

I was also let down by the headline. It’s a victory of sorts, I suppose. The Democratic controlled House passing along something that’s the will of the people, only for it to be shat upon by the Republican controlled Senate. Hopefully enough people will remember who did what when the time to vote comes again.

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I think it’s important to remember that things like ‘throttling’ will still be allowed. Your mobile provider will still be able to upcharge you for ‘full HD’ video while giving you only SD video with your base plan since they are treating all video traffic the same. That’s where all these ‘unlimited’ plans get confusing. They can also depriortize your traffic based on congestion if you’re a high data user. It’s possible with NN not in place that some good could be done, like specifically allowing a user to opt in to having their YouTube traffic throttled down in order to save their data while keeping Netflix at max bandwidth. The operator wouldn’t charge for this (it’s saving them data as well). But there are enough bad things that can be done without NN that it’s worth restoring.

It’s pretty clear that they know these things aren’t going to get a vote in the Senate, it’s all about optics now. The Dems are going to hold votes on things that have broad support with their base or even bipartisan to keep reminding the electorate of the obstruction by McConnell and the Republican party leading up to the 2020 elections. It’s a good tactic.


It’s like screaming VICTORY after a pretty good phone interview with a prospective employer.


A bit worse. It’s screaming VICTORY after the phone interview when both you and the boss know you’ve slept with the boss’ wife.


Mitch also assumes he’ll have control of the Senate then. If he loses control, then he can’t set the agenda for legislation. The majority party does that through their Majority Leader. Turtle is gonna have a bad time cause IIRC legislation doesn’t have a “best used by date.” So the House can pile it up until they have a filabuster-proof majority then pass it all in one go.

I think (with no back-up, understand) that the process starts over with the new congress after 2020. So yeah, these are PR votes, and reminders of just how shitty tGOP is. So, worth it in that respect, but absolutely not “victory.”


Ah okay, but if they keep the House and take the Senate then it’s going to be pretty easy to rev up the process again I think. More than anything, it makes Mitch look like a gridlocker now. He doesn’t seem to have good spin doctors doing the media circuit to change most people’s minds.

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He is solely involved in protected Donny Twoburgers from “t’ebil dems” and as such, is motivated to bring pretty much any legislation that could possibly be viewed by dems as “victory” to a screeching halt. So, yeah, that’s where we are. Win in 2020 and perhaps sanity returns. Lose and we are headed for The Man In The High Tower universe.


It feels like screaming VICTORY after being told you’re not being brought back for the second round of interviews…

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Having “partners in crime” in your chamber of Congress means that you know where the bodies are buried… so ya better keep in step, baby… or else.

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Addendum: don’t say “Congress” passed something unless you literally mean both houses. That’s what I thought had happened until I got the “next, it’s going into the McConnell wood chipper…”