“Hiding (insert city name)'s Racism Behind a Cloak of Unity.”

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It is important to raise awareness that a policy of ignoring problems and/or attempting to cover them up never works out well in the long term. This is one of the worst parts of attitudes displayed by some pols and voters leading up to the elections in 2016. We’ve not only seen the negative fallout in increasing violence, but also in views about public health, education, history, and government/authority. When it comes to racism in particular, the pushback and twisting of attempts to fight injustice through education, reparations, truth and reconciliation, or Critical Race Theory (and the amount of legislation/effort intended to block them) is telling.

This story shows how another town’s façade of unity/civility was eroded and exposed. The media coverage of the hiring and firing of the cop who killed Tamir Rice was brought up previously on BB here and here:


As someone who lived in Buffalo, and indeed right off Main Street, for ten years, I can confirm not only that the characterization of the segregation of the city is accurate, but that the killer Payton Gendron could easily have come, not from three-hours-distant Conklin, NY, but right from the surrounding white suburbs. There’s a grotesque amount of racist hatred for the city simmering away there.


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