Hiding meth in a burrito is no way to treat a burrito


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Breaking Burrito


This Bostonian… in Tucson. I stayed 2 extra days.

What a waste of a sandwich! :wink:


Yea, I was wondering if they were chicken burritos.


Happily you can do something about it. Learn to make real tacos and burritos and take that knowledge to your fellow Canadians.


First thing I thought of was the scene where Walt & Jesse stash the poisoned meth in Tuco’s burrito only to have it knocked on the floor by Hector.


Don’t paint all of Canada with the same brush, friend. You Albertans might not know for good food, but here in Toronto, with our large Mexican population, you can get some delicious stuff!

Sadly, my favourite Mexican place took a massive downturn after they opened multiple locations.

My new favourite Mexican restaurant, I admit, is in Florida, near my mum’s winter digs.


Fine, just so long as the burritos are not culturally appropriated.


Pfft! Taco Bell “Mexican-inspired fast-food chain”, all of those words are false, except chain.

Checking in Northern Greater Toronto, it looks like there’s a new chain, “Mucho Burrito”. Does anyone know anything about them?


I’ve spent the past three months in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. Same deal: the Mexican cuisine here is phenomenal.

Damn right. To add, I have co-workers in El Paso who say it has the best Mexican food in Texas. I’m bound to believe them due to their proximity with the border, a co-worker in fact will head across the border to buy flautas on occasion. I’m hoping to visit the El Paso office at some point this year so i can check out the food… i’m low key tired of Austin’s hipster over-priced take on Mexican food.


Whew! Too spicy for me!


He who filthies the burrito is no friend of mine.


I do have a drug deal/mexican food story actually. When i lived in Vegas at this sketchy affordable housing/low income apartment complex i was going to head to work and right in front of my building at the parking lot there were two guys exchanging a wad of cash for a plastic bag full of foil wrapped somethings. Let’s call them “tamales”. As soon as they saw me step onto the parking lot they stopped and stared straight at me until i was out of their sight. I just noped outta there as fast as i could…


Lotta judgement, here. Sometimes a burrito just gotta get high, man.


Living in Tijuana has its advantages. Would it bother you to know my pollo asado guy is also my marijuana source?



He’s a really cool and friendly dude, too!


If he can make you a THC laden version of pollo asado then you’d be set


Code for “we knew what these guys were up to, we just needed a pretext to stop them.”


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