Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito


Nicely done original post, but what a great example of effort that could have been spent productively. Like calling the place and screaming incoherently at anyone who picked up.


Did those people with the monkey in the snowsuit make the burrito?


Pos ni modo pende**, asi es la vida. Come tu 'che burrito!

It never occurred to me before that there’s a very good reason why, at my favorite burrito place, they have an assembly-line setup: one person lays down the burrito and puts some rice and beans on it, then hands it off to the next person who adds pico, salsa, other veggies, and then hands it to the next person who adds sour cream, guacamole, and wraps it up before handing it to the cashier.

Although even when they’re short-staffed and the same person has to perform all those tasks they burrito is still made the same way. Because they’re not idiots.

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Thinking about this all wrong! Think of it this this way


If it has lettuce and rice in it, it is not a burrito, it is a wrap. Good burritos are almost impossible to find north of Los Angles, or East of New Mexico.

You ever get the feeling that sometimes people make up stories to blog about? This story just seems highly unlikely. I’m not sure I could lay down all those ingredients and roll up the burrito to have them in discrete layers if I tried.


That could have easily been fixed with a rewrap. The last person on the line just didn’t rotate it before wrapping. Easy.


First, agreement with @Daredelvis that lettuce does not belong in a burrito, ever.

Second, while I certainly wouldn’t enjoy a burrito constructed in this fashion, I disagree with the statement that it is necessarily “wrong”. Unorthodox, perhaps, but not wrong. In fact, one could argue that this represents a new avenue of innovation in burrito design. One could fill a burrito in this way with diverse fillings designed to be complementary, and yet consumed in a particular order. It could be viewed as a riff (and improvement, if I may be so bold) on Willy Wonka’s three-course-dinner chewing gum.


That’s a hell of a lot of cilantro. I think that’s what would bother me more.


Yep this, just turn it sideways and rewrap it.

I thought burritos originated in California, and good ones are (or were) to be had in the Bay Area? (Of course, this doesn’t contradict what you wrote)


Back in 1979, I had some surprisingly tasty burritos at Ollie’s Mexican Restaurant in Kalispell, Montana. Of course, it turned out that Ollie was a native San Diegan. He had no competition for hundreds (thousands?) of miles.

I’m impressed someone could construct a burrito this well well compartmentalized. It’s not like you scoop the filling into a burrito with a spoon. Someone had to carefully plop out each ingredient in a row on the tortilla and then wrap it up along the row.

It does look like it was someone’s first day on the job and they had never heard of a burrito before though.

Seems about standard for a food product purchased from Chipotle.

I think they’d make the entire meal out of cilantro if you could make a tortilla out of the stuff.


In a world where any burrito is virtually unknown, any burrito, even a lifesaving burrito would be most welcome.

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You try finding a good burrito in New Zealand!


That’s the truth. Chipotle, the restaurant leading the way in truly green foods.

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Come to Portland, have some burritos, revise that provincial statement.