Meth smuggled inside burritos


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Some get through. I had two from her last trip. Normally, I’m not big on Mexican food, but these burritos are awesome! I fuckin’ love these burritos! Woo!


It was the source that made them suspicious.


If it’s not wrapped in aluminum foil, it’s not an edible burrito. I’ve never seen a burrito packaged that way.


I swear, officer, it was an innocent mistake. I ordered Mexican Burritos, not Meth-ican burritos!


I was just trying to eat my burrito, but some old guy in a wheelchair knocked it on the floor.


I’m snorting a delicious burrito right now.


This was just a diversion so the guards could move in two pounds.


Still not as addictive as the burritos they sell in San Francisco’s Mission district.



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