High-res 3-D model of Apollo 11 command module to explore and print

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/07/21/high-res-3-d-model-of-apollo-1.html

Hopefully it’s better than the papercraft Apollo 1 turned out to be.

Cool. It looks like the Apollo 13 module - which I have been inside.

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The “astronaut graffiti” is cool. I just recently learned that they weren’t given any blank paper for taking notes on the first several missions. It wasn’t until after the Apollo 13 experience where they had to write down all the updated burn and power-up procedures on the backs and margins of the original flight plans and whatever else they had.

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If they would go ahead and throw in a CAD model of the service module, and the LEM, I’d be a lot more interested. This isn’t even half a spacecraft! (Yes, I get it that this is an actual scan, and not a rendering of a blueprint.It just lacks context, in my view.)

The crews had pads of paper on which they recorded navigational data for use if radio communications failed. But paper was probably at a premium so its understandable that the calendar was drawn on the wall. Most likely Mike Collins drew the calendar. He was in the CM alone for the day the crew were on the moon. He doesn’t mention the calendar in Carrying The Fire.

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