High-rez trip through Florida's Haunted Mansion with a low-light filter

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Needs a wider angle lens for one to give you some better perspective on the scenery.

Low light filter? For low light you need the least amount of obstacles between the subject and the sensor, removing all filters and opening the lens is what you do. Putting on a filter would only give you trouble.


Maybe he’s using a camera like the Sony A7s II. Maybe Cory is mistaken about a filter being used, or he used the word “filter” because it’s easier to read than “high ISO image sensor with specialized low-light stabilizing software”?

Either way, interesting video.


Wonderful video.

I hadn’t been there in 40 years or so. It’s impressive all the effects they have.

I think this shot illustrates how well the camera is illuminating the scene. The gravedigger is very dark to the human eye. You can barely make out the colors of his clothing.

I tried taking a high ISO long exposure shot of the gravedigger one time when our Doombuggy got stopped right in front of him. Even then, it was not nearly this bright and colorful.

Fun, but I got a little motion-sick.

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Girl on her phone at 3:24 is the best part.

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I’ve never really been interested in the Haunted Mansion before, but now I really want to ride it. That looked fab!

I noticed that too!! “Whatever, Dad, this is like so boring!”

And is it me (who hasn’t been in ages) or are the crowds much louder at the beginning?

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